Project Designer & Project Architect


While assuming the role of lead designer I also took on the project architect role for this 6 story prefab hospitality project.




In previous lives, the buildings at 1314 North Broad Street were a series of Second Empire style houses, the largest fraternal lodge worldwide, and the last great boxing venue in the country.


something old, something new


The new plan for the legendary Blue Horizon is a 90-room hotel that is to accentuate the contrast between historic and contemporary construction practices.  The existing building frontage is preserved as new lobby space, a restaurant, and meeting rooms.  Prefabricated wood frame hotel units are inserted behind while a thin slice of the new construction extends forward over the parking entrance, creating a moment where the old and new coexist.


The wood construction sits on a concrete plinth that houses the jazz club as well as back of house operations.  On the second floor there is a gym that overlooks a green roof with walkable grating, allowing access to the space without damaging the extensive plantings.  Intensive plants are allocated to planters spread throughout the space.  In order to manage stormwater effectively for the city’s undersized combined sewer system, 95% of the roof will be green.